Literacy is a
Human Right

Our mission is to ensure that every South African child has access to books.

Learning to read without books is like learning to play soccer without a ball, impossible but relevant for many South African kids who are expected to become literate without access to books.

Libraries for Literacy partners with under-resourced South African schools to create libraries with age-appropriate books in both English and local African languages. By doing so we strive to create equity in literacy.

Literacy is a Fundamental Human Right

Imagine not being able to fill out a job application, understand directions or read a warning sign. For many people this is a daily reality. We believe that literacy is a fundamental human right.

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Equity through Literacy

Apartheid has left a legacy of significant inequality in South African education and literacy. Together we can change this, one Library for Literacy at a time.

South Africa’s Literacy Crisis

Libraries for Literacy

Our libraries are empowering learners and changing communities.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela